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Why Government Should Facilitate the Remodeling of Government Primary School, Ikot Ebo, Etinan

Why Government Should Facilitate the Remodeling of Government Primary School, Ikot Ebo, Etinan

Mahtab Narsimhan said, “A good education is the greatest gift you can give yourself or anyone else.”

On his part, one of the African heroes Nelson Mandela also said that “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

From all indications, one will agree that qualitative Education is the key and one of the most vital gifts anyone can receive. From the teacher who inspires, us in the classroom which changed how we looked at the world, to the friends we met in school who helped us get through the encounters. Truly education provides the groundwork from which we build the rest of our lives.

It is a known fact that the cost of living in Nigeria has skyrocketed in recent times, despite its enormous economic prospects. The cost of textbooks, food items, and epileptic power supply worries all concerned individuals making it difficult for parents to enroll their kids in schools, public or private

Sadly, parents hardly provide good meals these days due to their high cost, talkless of paying to get good and qualitative education and care for their wards.
It is on this background that the proprietor and managers of Etinan Children’s Education Foundation (ECEF), founded in 2017 is calling on the Akwa Ibom state government to partner with them to ensure Government Primary School, Ikot Ebo in Etinan local government Area, is remodel to a top -tier model primary to promote the quality of education received by the people as well as transform the people’s lifestyle.

To ensure that the common man in Etinan feels the impact of good governance, Dr. Isongesit Ibokette, Founder and Director of ECEF is seeking government partners to provide a quality education that will surpass what is obtainable before now, and also better the education standards in their area.

It is on record that the Government Primary school, Ikot Ebo has received sponsorship from Etinan Children’s Education Foundation (ECEF), right from its inception through, goodwill, donations, and fundraising. Through which the foundation has been able to provide various forms of assistance to some indigent and orphaned-elementary school-aged children in Etinan and is now envisaging a working partnership with the state government to alleviate the tremendous and ongoing challenges the children face in their daily struggle for survival.

Having recorded success in t017/, 2018/19 academic years, the foundation became more aware and conscious of the multi-faceted nature of the children’s challenges. Through reality checks, the foundation, therefore, saw the need to re-evaluate, reprioritize and broaden its initial mission and focus specifically on four key forms of assistance on children’s medical (including dental) needs, Nutrition, clothing, and school-based needs from 2019 through the support of Newton North High School community, Akwa Ibom Community Association of Massachusetts, (AICAM)

It is worthy to note that “Education is a natural mandate placed on community unity through their leaders to guarantee the realization of a conducive learning environment for the child, education offered in a safe environment will support the holistic development of the student, physically socially, mentally and emotionally.
The educational environment should not be a source of hostility and nightmare but comfortable and serene.

Education, however, needs to be a shared responsibility, involving the whole community working with different types of professionals for the best of the community’s future citizens.
To this end, as is encapsulated in this piece, the state government alone may not squarely adjust, in a short time, and match or surpass what many first-tier private schools in the state and country provide for their children hence the need for such partnerships as this in as much as world-class education goes beyond exposure to different countries and cultures.
The high point being that our students must have a clear value framework so that they know how

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