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Valerie Ebe Denies Udom

Valerie Ebe Denies Udom

Akpabio/Udom Fued!
Ex-Dep Gov Denies Interfacing With Udom
– Torobong Ekpo 

The immediate past Deputy Governor of Akwa Ibom State Lady Valerie Ebe has urged the POPULACE to discountenance the online publication indicting her of holding meeting with Govenor Udom Emmanuel with a view of solving the perceived  FUED between the governor and his  predecessor , Senator Godswill Akpabio.

An online publication, written by Akan Okokon entitled, “Godswill Akpabio : His symbol and cymbals” had recently accused the one-time deputy governor of arranging a meeting with the governor, the PDP political leader of Essien Udim LGA, Chief Afangideh, a cousin to senate minority leader, Barr. Prince Akpabio and others with a view of mediating in the alleged crises involving Mr. Udom Gabriel Emmanuel and ex governor Godswill Akpabio. 

In a statement endorsed by her media aide, Mr Pat Akpan, the erstwhile deputy governor described the online publication  as sardonic fumes from desperate political chimney and urged perpetuators of the false allegation to choose better ways of discharging their duties. 

Lady Ebe who wondered why some persons should tarnish her integrity reasoned that the news article also insulted the sensibility of Akwa Ibom people.

The AKIWOL boss viewed the antics as either from a weaker opponent or spectators and warned perpetuators from using her name in disrepute.

Such news is nothing but sardonic fumes from the desperate political chimney. I also want to use this medium in urging the self acclaimed political gladiators to, instead of making their selfish gains out of the poor and unemployed youths in a way of initiating them into the fast growing mudslinging, false reporting and propaganda sector; choose a more honourable means of discharging their duties as these will serve as good example to those they must, as a matter of time, exit the stage for.  

I Unequivocally state here that there was no such meeting as carried by either the said banner headline or its riders. There was never a point in time when the Immediate Past Deputy Governor was either through a verbal or printed media invited to or attended a meeting of such genre alongside the parties mentioned in the fake news article. 

And to further promulgate the shallowness of the article’s rationality, I want to make it known to the public that Her Honour, Noble Lady Valerie Ebe has been out of the country for the past two weeks. 

For any person or group to put it to the public that she led a team to solicit to Governor Udom Emmanuel’s pardon on behalf of the Immediate Past Governor, Senator Godswill Akpabio, is a way of humiliating the sensibility of an average Akwa Ibom person who as at now is highly politically sensitive and informed.

I know it’s banal that in a face of fatal war, it’s either the weaker opponent, in a an attempt to cry out for an extrication, consciously or subconsciously mentions names that are not in any way related to the feud; or, possibly, the sarcastic crowd of spectators, derisively trying to make the best of untenanted gains and caricatures of the battle, resort to unnecessarily attempt to magnify and maneuver the scene by dragging other big names around into the delusive picture. 

Well, if there were to be collective real time and progressive pickings for us as a people from these shady businesses, I would gladly support and even propose for more and better ways to go about them. 

But my concern in form of a question is “What is there to gain in fomenting illusive stories just to mudsling a person who does not in any way deserve to be meted with such obnoxious drench? Why is Valerie Ebe brought into the scene? ” The statement queried.

The release warned sponsors of the false claim from using Her Honour’s name in disrepute stressing that honour should be given to whom it’s due. 

Sanitize the minds of the people away from such flippant repugnant of slouchy psyche, and on a very sacrosanct strain, warn the investors of chaos to desist from using Her Honors name in the practicing or brandishing of their vitriolic craft. 

When giving a sixth sense to the above queries, I came in terms with the fact that it is either some bogusly brainless entities with over sized shoulder paths, parading themselves as advisers, having seen the product of their ineptitude, assay to drag respectable names such as that of Her Honor to their concocted quack mire, or maybe there’s a particular sect that is aiming at making their “best” out of the illicit trade of political flaming and hurly-burly incitement. 

Yes, it is overly conspicuous that the contemporary political advisers don’t know the essence of their jobs, that’s why disgusting propaganda is emanating from their terrain unabated. 

Even in their obvious quackery, these folks still have the hardihood to needlessly and excessively heat up the polity to explosion.

I Therefore urge the general public to discountenance the purported ills of a news article and rather see such as byproducts of insensitive advises who could not decipher between their official responsibilities and selfish interests. 

Finally, I warn that those indulging in this fiendish sham should have an immediate u-turn and learn to give respect to whom respect is due and honour to whom honour is due. 

The earlier we start recognizing the fact that we cannot leave above the rungs of the respect we ascribe to those that are ahead of us, the greater the strides we will…” She maintained.

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