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Umo Eno: Matching Words with Actions

Umo Eno: Matching Words with Actions

By Ekemini James

Infrastructural development is a critical aspect of any society. It does not only enhance mobility and connectivity, but spurs economic growth and improves the overall standard of living.

This is a vital component of the ARISE Agenda as it constitutes an area of interest for the current administration which is committed to ensuring that the dividends of democracy are not only felt in urban areas, but also extended to the rural areas.

Notably, the Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Pastor Umo Eno has worked the talk, by keeping true his campaign promises prior to his emergence as Governor. The Governor had pledged that some of these campaign manifestos would be fulfilled within his 100 days in office. One amongst many that readily comes to mind is the flag-off of the construction of Ndiya Street, an internal asphalted road within the market, a drainage, solar lighting and provision of water facilities, all in Akpan Andem Market.

With the recent flag-off of the construction of an access road to Goretti Secondary School with an accompanying outfall drain in Ikot Ekpene Local Government Area; the construction of 2.1KM Ukpong Street and 2.1KM Effiong Essang Street with an 800M length of discharge drain in Oron Local Government Area, and the flag-off construction of 2.2km Tabernacle road and its environ with 0.97km underground outfall drain in Uyo Local Government, Pastor Umo Eno has emerged as a champion of progress, consistently matching his words with actions by demonstrating his commitment to transforming the state and uplifting the lives of its people.

The flag-off of the construction of an access road to Goretti Secondary School in Ikot Ekpene holds particular significance for the school community and the entire town. By providing a direct route to the school, it will significantly improve accessibility and convenience for students, teachers and parents alike and also reduce travel time and associated costs. In addition, it will establish vital connections between the school and various parts of the town, facilitating local business activities and promoting economic growth.

With a combined length of 4.2KM, the construction of Ukpong Street and Effiong Essang Street in Oron will enhance mobility within the community and also provide vital connections to other parts of the State. It will equally open up new avenues for trade and commerce, allowing businesses to flourish, as well as improve the standard of living for the people in the area.

In addition, the accompanying 800M length of discharge drain is a testament to the Governor’s foresight in addressing potential flooding and drainage issues, further safeguarding the community and ensuring sustainable development.

Suffice to say that Governor Umo Eno’s choice of contracting the road project to an indigenous construction firm, U&K Limited is commendable. This decision to only promote local content and support local businesses ensures that the project is implemented with a deep understanding of the local terrain, culture, and challenges.

More so, collaboration with local contractors showcases Governor Umo Eno’s commitment to job creation, empowering local communities and fostering economic growth from within, as well as elevating the general standard of living across the State, especially in the rural areas.

Pray tell, Governor’s dedication to providing crucial infrastructure in rural areas is laudable because, oftentimes, communities are neglected in terms of infrastructural development, leading to isolation and limited economic opportunities. However, with the initiation of these road construction projects, Governor Umo Eno is leveling the playing field and ensuring that every citizen, regardless of their location, has access to essential amenities.

Indeed, the significance of these road construction projects goes beyond the tangible benefits they bring. They symbolize a government that listens to its people and works tirelessly to meet their needs. Governor Umo Eno’s actions speak louder than words, as he consistently demonstrates his commitment to fulfilling his campaign promises. This has not only garnered the trust and support of the people but has also attracted the attention of investors and development partners who recognize the growth potential of Akwa Ibom State under his leadership.

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