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The Special Assistant to Governor Udom Emmanuel on Education Monitoring, Akparawa Udeme Udofia has advised students to study hard and avoid cutting corners through examination malpractices, cautioning that it is punishable by law.

Udofia made the call Tuesday, 26th April 2022, during his routine school monitoring of some Secondary and Primary schools in Etinan, Mkpat Enin, and Ikot Abasi Local Government Areas, while addressing the exit classes.

Akparawa Udofia emphasized that it is easier for one to go slowly on his or her abilities than engage in examination malpractice as it would make one lose confidence in oneself. He added that when students sit up and prepare adequately for examinations there will be no need to engage in examination malpractice, stressing that there are laws guiding it.

He also appealed to school principals and teachers to intensify efforts in making the students confident in their capability rather than aiding and abetting examination malpractice among their students.

The SA seriously frowned at schools’ heads and teachers’ unpreparedness to engage pupils/ students in academic activities from the first day of school resumption.

It was noticed that some teachers just got to school, sign the time book and disappear from the school to attend to other businesses or sit around ideal while the students loiter about helplessly. Some come to school to teach without notes of lessons while some bluntly refused to attend school thereby being unable to justify the salaries they received from the state government monthly.

Mr. Udofia thereby made a passionate appeal to teachers to be guided by the ethics of the teaching profession and leave up to their expectations.

At Secondary Commercial School, Ibekwe in Ikot Abasi local government area, students were seen trooping out of the school by 12:35pm because though some teachers were still in the school they refused to engage them, this would have made their stay in the school worthwhile.

Curious by the actions of the students, the SA decided to go on a class-to-class investigation where he observed that an average of one subject only was thought, hence their decision to move away from the school probably to where they will be better engaged with other activities. On further interaction, the students themselves complained they are not satisfied with what they have received since the resumption of school.

In some primary schools visited, pupils were unable to recite the dakkada creed and the state anthem, talkless of knowing the name of the key stakeholders in the educational sector, this prompted Mr. Udofia to ask the teacher to delve a little into the teaching of current affairs to help the pupils.
A few other schools like Etinan Institute and Methodist Primary School , Ikwa/Ikot Ataha whose head’s and teachers did well were highly commended by Akparawa Udofia, saying they will be adequately rewarded.

Schools visited during the monitoring exercise were; QIC Primary School, Ishiet Erong Hope Institute, Afaha Iman, ST John UNA School, and Etinan Institute, all in Etinan Local Government Area.

Others were; Ikpa Ibom Comprehensive Secondary School, Ikot Ekong/Ikot Enin, Mkpat Enin. Community Primary School, Ikot Akpan Okop, Mkpat Enin. Methodist Primary school, Ikwa/Ikot Ataha, Ikot Abasi. Methodist Primary School, Ikot Abasi Urban, ST Theresa’s Catholic School, Ikot Abasi Urban, and Secondary Commercial School, Ibekwe, Ikot Abasi.

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