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The Paradise city lost its glory

The Paradise city lost its glory

Paradise as it is called; the cleanness city in Nigeria is becoming the dirtiest in the few months as dirt takes over the entire metropolis, from the South to the Municipality.

Recalled that whilst the city of Calabar and Cross River State was christened the cleanness city and State in Nigeria, was because the measure put on ground by former Governor Donald Duke, which since then has been an inheritance. Well then, what happens if you don’t take care of your inheritance?

In the past few days, PARADISE NEWS has been able to go round some parts of the city, and the discovery is that, refuses (wastes) are being left to fill the waste cans and onto the ground, left to rot, while inconveniencing residents.

When our Correspondent visited Uwanse Street by Amika Utuk, earlier this week, the residents cry out how they are suffering from the stench that comes out of the waste dumping area as they don’t even have space to pass through again.

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