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The attention of Uda Community Youth Development Organisation (UCYDO), the apex youth body in Uda Community in Mbo Local Government Area, Akwa Ibom State, has been drawn to some malicious online publications by a self-styled activist and well-known blackmailer, one Francis Otioro, alleging that our illustrious son, Mr Okon Bassey, who, by the grace of God and dint of hardwork as well as academic qualifications, is the Director of Finance and Accounting in the Maritime Academy of Nigeria, 4 College Road, Oron, was working with him (Otioro) to “emancipate the institution and also fight any extraneous variables that will dare try to fight an Oro man’s tenure in the Academy.”

UCYDO is shocked to read an error-ridden letter from Otioro making libelous and injurious statement against Mr Bassey.Whatever he (Otioro) means by the word “Bridge of a Gentlemanly Agreement,” which ordinarily would have been “Breach of a Gentlemanly Agreement,” in this context, we advise him to seek knowledge and learn accurate use of words.

We have made very sincere investigations and came to the painful conclusion that these spurious allegations by Otioro are aimed at maligning and tarnishing the hard-earned image and reputation of Mr Okon Bassey.

Francis Otioro, in his tissues of lies, had alleged that he was given three contracts in Maritime Academy, while others were looking for one. We would like to ask if his father is the owner of Maritime Academy or whether Maritime Academy was established on his father’s land such that he would be given three contracts at the same time. How could a person who said he is “an activist fighting a just cause”, would turn round to get contracts from the same person he is fighting.

Otioro claims to be a graduate. If this is so, then the question that beg for an answer would be: can a contract be awarded without a company’s name, or quotation, value, description and execution, with no document at all; and then one would expect payments?

We wish to let the world know that Francis Otioro is a cheap blackmailer who inherited the dirty business from his Father, who is known as Otiotex.

The UCYDO hereby warns Otioro to leave Mr Bassey alone and look elsewhere for his blackmailing business, as he (Francis) has met the wrong person that cannot be blackmailed.

Okon Bassey has nothing to fear or hide because he has nothing incriminating attached to him. We would like to ask: was it because Otioro wanted Mr Bassey to sponsor him in his ill-fated aspiration to become the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) at the last party primary for Urue Offong/Oruko State Constituency?

This press statement is made to call on members of the public to discountenance the many lies of Francis Otioro against Mr Okon Bassey.

It is a truism that different people use social media for different purposes, be it positive and negative. It is on this premise that we advise Francis Otioro to focus more on things that will unite and build the Maritime Academy of Nigeria, rather than embarking on activities bordering on pull-him-down syndrome, blackmail and character assassination activities.


Comrade Bassey Ediette
General Secretary

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