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MOUN Akwa Ibom Branch get New Leadership

MOUN Akwa Ibom Branch get New Leadership

… Assured motorcyclists of better welfare

The newly formed Motorcycle Operators Union of Nigeria (MOUN), Akwa Ibom State branch has assured members (motorcyclists) of the union of her renew commitment to members welfare.

Addressing journalists over the weekend, Chairman of the Union, Comrade Emmanuel Udouwah said that the coming of MOUN, which is the 55th affiliate union of the Nigeria Labour Congress NLC brings hope to all motorcyclists, to both the owners and riders.

Comrade Udouwah maintained that with the approval of MOUN by the Federal Government and subsequent approved by Akwa Ibom State Ministry of Transportation led by Hon. Orman Esin,makes MOUN the only althentic union for motorcyclists, as any other union cease to operate.

According to the unionist, “ The approval has given us the opportunity to carry out our operations in the way and manner regulated by law, as we have the full backing to exist as an entity without harassment and molestation by anybody”

He continued, “ We are by this poised to achieve our mission and vision statements as our core values and what we stand for.”

“We want to inform our members that the federal government has found us fit, I thank governor Umo Eno for given us approval through the Ministry of transport to operate as a union, and we will do our best to support his administration succeed.

On his part, Secretary of the union comrade Essien Essien explained that other union like All Nigeria Autobike Commercial Owners and Workers Association (ANACOWA), and Akwa Ibom Motorcycle Transporters Association (AMOTA) is now under one fold of MOUN after a unanimous agreement was reached to form the new union.

Comrade Essien further explained that motorcyclists under the new union of MOUN will work assiduously to checkmate multiple taxation, crime rate and molestation of members.

“This union have good intention for members, we want the best for our members to better their life and restored the image of the profession, as well as promote and protect life.” Comrade Essien intoned.

The State Administrative Council of MOUN assured that all motorcyclists in the state will use one sticker which takes effect from 1st January,2024, and cover all the local Government Area in the state.

The duo of Comrade Emmanuel Udouwah and comrade Essien Essien implored all members of the union to key into the dreams and aspiration of the union as empowerment is on the pileline for members of the Union who are loyal and committed in projecting the good aspiration of the state administrative council.

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