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Labour Threatens Strike Over New Fuel Price Hike

Labour Threatens Strike Over New Fuel Price Hike

The Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, has condemned, rejected, and call for immediate reversal of petrol pump price increase from N158 to N170.It also called for a state of emergency in the petroleum downstream subsector.

The NLC in a statement said that there is no doubt that there is great disquiet in the land, over the extraordinary level of inflation in the country, noting that the recent increase in the fuel price to have only exacerbated the current level of pain and anguish in the country. 

The statement signed by NLC President, Ayuba Wabba, said that the increase is clearly against the spirit and content of what Organized Labour agreed with government at the last negotiations over the last fuel price increase. 

The statement said that the increase has also cast in very bad light organised labour’s utmost good faith with regards to government explanations, that it lacks funds to continue bankrolling the so-called subsidy payments, as such would sooner than later cripple the entire economy, throw the country into severe economic crisis and cause loss of jobs in millions.

Labour stressed that it will not accept a fait accompli of a monopoly of Nigeria’s downstream petroleum sector, or the emergence of a cartel of Oligarchs, whose end game is mass pauperization. Labour said that “…Nigerians cannot be made to bleed endlessly, for the failures of successive government, to properly manage our refineries, ensure value for money for the numerous Turn Around Maintenance, which were poorly executed…”Labour added that in line with its recent agreement with government, it will be receiving updates in the next few days from affiliate unions in the petroleum sector and representatives in the electricity review committee. The outcome of these engagements labour said will determine its next line of action in the coming days.

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