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Itu People inaugurate socio-cultural Organisation

Itu People inaugurate socio-cultural Organisation

..as Professor Effaña Usua urges Itu People to embrace unity, love and development consciousness

By Enwoño-Abasi Ituen, mmi.

On Friday, September 11, 2020, Itu People, drawn from Itam Clan, Ayadehe Clan, Itu Clan, Mbiabõ Clan and Oku Iboku Clan all gathered at Government Primary School, Mbak Atai Itam, Itu Local Government Headquartres, to inaugurate an umbrella socio-cultural Organisation for all sons and daughters of Itu Local Government origin.
The Chairman of the occasion, a retired University Don, former Commissioner for Education in the old Cross River State (1979-1982) and village head of Enen Atai Itam, Ette-iduñ (Elder) Professor Effaña James Usua, in his opening address, urged Itu People to be committed to the Organisation in order to guarantee its durability; since it is easier to initiate a programme or project than to sustain and drive it to a logical conclusion.
He also urged Itu people to strive towards engendering love, unity, peace, reconciliation and development consciousness among them; so as to be able to achieve the aims and objectives of the Organisation as well as all-round development of Itu Local Government Area.
Moreso, the Botany specialist urged Itu People to shun the cache of politicians, which is thinking of themselves and their pockets alone (individual interest and self aggrandizement) ; but, to pursue group and corporate interest of Itu and her people.

Furthermore, the Ette-iduñ formally declared the umbrella socio-cultural Organisation, for Itu people, Itu People’s Forum, IPF, officially inaugurated.
A high point of the event was the swearing in of the maiden Executive Council of Itu People’s Forum, by the Commissioner of Oaths, Barrister (Dr) Harrison Ataide.
Some of the EXCO members sworn in were Hon. Akan-imõ Usaña – Chairman, Elder Asukwõ Ekanem – Deputy Chairman, Apostle Ekpenyoñ Emiom – Assistant General Secretary, Prince Itaboñ Ntukidem – Treasurer, Mr Anthony Edem – Director of Contact and Mobilisation, Akparawa Enwoño-Abasi Ituen – Public Relations Officer and Akparawa-nwan Mabel Ekanem – Director, Media.
Others include Barrister Edet Ntukidem – Legal Adviser, Hon. Õffiõñ Essien – Director, Legal Affairs, Princess Aniema Ubõ – Women Leader, Akparawa Ibaña Nsubõñ – Assistant Legal Adviser, Reverend Armstrong Courage – Clergy, Mr Solomon Nte – Assistant Clergy, Mr Nsikan Etim Edem – Director, Economic Affairs, Prince Akan Ime Udõ – Youth Leader, Mr Edet Udõfia – Director, Chieftaincy and Cultural Affairs, and Chief Umõren Akpakpan – Welfare Officer.
Also sworn in were: Mr Emmanuel S. Udõh – Assistant Treasurer, Mr Emem Okon Essien – Organising Secretary, Mr Edima Udõudõh – Assistant Organising Secretary, Mrs Uduak Enañ – Assistant Women Leader, Mr Asukwõ Eyo Eniañ – Director of Sports and Social Affairs, Mr Pius Obot – Deputy Director, Economic Affairs, Mr Emmanuel Okon William – Assistant Director of Sports and Social Affairs, Mr Donatus Effiong Edet – Assistant Director, Students Affairs, Mr Kennedy Ekõng Edet – Assistant Youth Leader, Chief Isaiah Archibong Udõh – Deputy Director, Chieftaincy Affairs, Mr Joseph Ekwan – Deputy Director, Inter-Party Affairs, Mr Ubon Edet Ikpañ – Director, Protocol, Mr Patrick Ekpenyong – Assistant Director, Protocol, Mr Michael Õduõñõ – Auditor General, Mr Archibong Essien Ekere – Assistant Auditor, Mrs Comfort Christopher – Intra-Party Affairs, Mr Eyibio Etim Okon – Provost General and Mr Peter Edet Udõh – Assistant Provost General, among others.

In his response, on behalf of the newly sworn in EXCO, the Forum’s Chairman, Hon. Akan-imõ Usaña, enumerated the aims and objectives of the Organisation, as a socio-cultural Organisation, to include achieving unity, peace and reconciliation for even, speedy and sustainable development of Itu Local Government Area.
In his words, Hon. Usaña emphasised: “this Organisation is out to give Itu a voice, genuine and reliable leadership in all ramifications.”
Hon. Usaña said the Organisation will soon unfold sound and viable strategies to uplift and develope Itu and her people and called on all sons and daughters of Itu to rally round and support the Organisation and shun sectional disparity, nepotism, rancour, disrespect and pull him down syndrome.
Good will messages came from well placed sons and daughters of Itu, including a former Chairman of the Local Government Area, Pastor (Architect) Õbõñ Usen Ebõñ, Chief (Dr) Christopher Etõn, Chief/Mrs Effiõñ Umanah, Sir (Dr) Effioñ Bassey Uduho, KSJI, Mr Solomon U. Udõh, Mr Pius James, Hon. (Barr) Bassey Bassey, Leader, Itu Legislative Council, Engr Gabriel Abaji Ikpewe, among others. They all called for sincerity of purpose, unity and love for one another in order to ensure the Organisation does not die soon; but, live long to achieve the purposes for which it has been created.
Interestingly, the Clan Head of Itam, His Highness, Etebom Donald Ubõh, the Clan Head of Mbiabõ, His Highness, Etebom Etim A. Okon, the village Head of Ikõt Ayan Itam, Ette-iduñ John Effiong Uduk, the village Head of Ntiat Itam, Ette-iduñ Bassey Ekanem, the village Head of Mkpeti Itam, Ette-iduñ Nsima Asukwõ, the village Head of Efik Ibenõ Mbiabõ, Ette-iduñ Sylvester I. Edet, the village Head of Ikõt Annie Itam, Ette-iduñ Asukwõ Okon, and other prominent sons and daughters of Itu Local Government Area, from all walks of life, attended the occasion.

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