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Involving In Child Trafficking, Suspects Arrested

The underlisted people were arrested yesterday about 4.30am at plaza by Men of Vigilante Group of Nigeria in connection with Child trafficking/abuse and fake job vacancies Posters whose aims is to use a deceitful strategies to invites unsuspecting persons to unknown or nonexisting Job employment.

The five prime suspects are from Ogun state, Osun state and Delta state. They are;
– Osilagun Ahmed, a Muslim from Osun state and he is 36years old.
– Taiwo Adegbesan from Ogun state and he is 25 years old.
– Fadeyi Omolara from Ogun state and she is 21 years old.
– Victor Oluwasheyi Daniel from Abeokuta, Ogun state and he is 25years old.
– Oyigbo Emmanuel Chukwuemeka from Ishioko LGA of Delta state and he is 22 years old.

The scenario that lead to their arrest was that, at exactly the time quoted above, four of the prime suspects were at plaza by Aka road pasting fake job vacancies like “A-Z Restaurant”, “A-Z Nig. Ltd”, Urgently Needed Bar Man & Cook, Sales Boy and Girl, with #30,000 Monthly payment.

When we apprehended them, they pretended to work as Independent Distributor with a health company known as GNLD or Neo-life.

Investigation carried out on them revealed that the five suspects are carrying invalid identity cards bearing GNLD/Neo-life on it but with no or different signatures and unregistered company names to run advertisements for job opportunity that is not existing.

With this findings and contradictory statements from each of them, as intelligence officers we demanded to know where they are living and the journey to know their residence took us to Nsentip Street off Aka road.

On getting to the compound, what we saw was unbelievable and pitiable scene. Imagine twelve (12) people staying in a tiny one room apartment packed like ice fish inside a carton and seven (7) of them are minors ranging from age 15 to 17. We arrested them all and took them to our headquarter office for further investigation.

The names of other eight suspects are;
1. Emmanuel Etim Asuquo, age 17 from Mbiabong in Itu LGA and he has been staying with them for more than 3months and some days under severe hunger and hard labor.
2. Glory Mfon Udofia, age 15 from Ikot Akpan in Itu LGA and she has been with them for over 3months.
3. Ndifreke Friday Edet, age 17 from Use Ikot Oku in Ibiono LGA and he has spent 8 months and some days.
4. Dorah Okon Essan, age 17 from Oboro, Urue-offong Oruko LGA. She has been there for 3months.
5. Kingsley Benjamin Gideon, age 19 from Okpoito 1 in Obot Akara LGA and he came 5 months ago.
6. Promise Inyang Ukpong, age 17 from Use Ikot Oku, Ibiono LGA. He came 3months ago.
7. Godswill Aniefiok Nsima, age 16 from Use Ikot Oku, Ibiono LGA and he has spent 1 months.

They all confessed that what brought them there is as a result of their quest to earn a living. That is why when they saw the adverts of a job that can pay them between 25,000 to 30,000 per month, they were eager to call the number on the poster but regrettably, when getting to the location of the presumed job place, the story change to be different thing entirely and how they stay in the small room till yesterday is what they cannot say.

One of the prime suspect named Osilagun Ahmed, always use the underage victims phone numbers mostly the girls to run the advertisement and when people calls, she will handover the phone to him.

The prime suspects are hiding under working as Independent distributor with Neo-life to commit this criminal act. According to them, they informed us that they are into network marketing business but we only discovered 3 bottles of food supplement product as captured as exhibit in the picture below.

We also realized that due to their sleeping arrangement where the males head are facing the females legs instead of all their heads being at equal arrangement, there is a tendency & possibility that they abuse each other carnally in the night.

It is a total act of child trafficking and Human trafficking in Nigeria is a source, transit, and destination country for women and children subjected to trafficking in persons including forced labor and forced prostitution.

The victims of the illegal job employment were all subjected to hunger and forced labor in going around prospecting to others in the guise for job opportunity where none is in existence.

The ring leaders Ahmed and Omolara confessed that what they are doing is wrong. They both agreed that harboring people unlawfully is a crime and pleaded for forgiveness.

Also, the underage victims intimated us about a proposed convention in Lagos in a month time. That each of them were told to pay #2,500 as individual contribution to Lagos and back. Who knows the motives behind taking this children to Lagos for convention.

As at 3:45pm, we do handing over of the 12 suspects to Police Anti-Cultism Department, Ikot Akpan Abia for further investigation and prosecution.

It is regrettable that atrocities of such magnitude are happening in our society and in the heart of the State.

We renew our earlier promise of fishing out bad eggs among us and ensure that there is a total sanity and peace in our dear state.

We are ready to partner with other security agencies in complimenting their efforts to make sure crimes in the city of Uyo and the State are brought to the barest minimum.

We urge the public to make available information that can help in achieving this great and important tasks.

Akwa Ibom State must be crime Free statr in order to encourage development because insecurity hinders growth and development in any society.

Vigilante – Say No To Crime.


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