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HENSEK – Dutifully, In The Service of Interpreting The Umo Eno ARISE Show

By Samuel Udoma

The ARISE Agenda of Gov. Umo Eno has kick-started beautifully. The commissioning of the Ndiya-Akpan Andem internal roads yesterday was a cherry-topping to the first 100 days of strong start of the Umo Eno administration. The entire work was completed in just under 70 days.

While campaigning at the market in the pre-election, Governor Umo Eno had experienced how impassable the Ndiya-Akpan Andem road had been. To provide respite, Gov. Eno had promised that he will breathe new life to the ever busy, albeit unkempt Akpan Andem Market and the the adjoining axis within his first 100 days in office. Yesterday, he kept that promise.

To physically interpret the Governor’s ARISE vision for Ndiya Street-Akpan Andem Market, Engr. Uwem Okoko FNSE – the MD/CEO of HENSEK Integration Services was called upon. HENSEK has remained a trusted lieutenant of Gov. Umo Eno. His love for the Governor and the State is glaring and quite mutual.

The timeframe of delivery was quite short for such a daunting job. Attempting to even relocate market women and traders for job to begin can be exhausting, people can attest. But HENSEK was well adept. He is a core ‘street general’ and a very humble man. He is someone who simply knows how to get things done and is a tireless workaholic.

Suffice to say here that the Ndiya-Akpan Andem axis of Uyo holds a special place in the heart of Akwa Ibomites. Nearly, all of Uyo shops at the popular township market, while Ndiya used to serve as the main entrance to the now refurbished Uyo Township Stadium. The people of the State had clearly been worried over the deplorable state of that vicinity.

HENSEK is one firm that puts humanism into its operations. Despite moving heavy equipment into the bustling market site, there have been no stories of traders victimization or wanton displacement of people. HENSEK’s workers and the traders coexisted mutually till the completion of the job.

Today, Udo Umana street from Ndiya to Aka Road and then to Aka Itiam and many internal paths in Akpan Andem are all wearing new looks. Large drains have been opened to de-log the once waterlogged area down up to Aka Itiam by 2-Lanes. In addition, the market itself, has been given significant facelift. The Market Police Station has been totally remodelled and reconstructed.

Over 40 new toilets and 8 bathroom conveniences have been added to deepen public health and sanitation within the market communiity, (with special purpose-built for the disabled and our Muslim brothers). New solar lights now keep the market lit all night long to fend off miscreants and heighten security. There is also a new solar powered 20,000 litres overhead tank to supply water in within the market.

Through HENSEK’S ingenious interpretation of Gov. Umo Eno’s vision, the days of open air spreading of wares on dirty, muddy surfaces along the Udo Umana axis of Akpan Andem Market are now over. The entire stretch of that road has been overlaid and proper pave-walks provided. The breathe of fresh air has also extended to Johnson Street – it is equally 100% overlaid too.

Although, it is still very early in the life of the Gov. Umo Eno administration, the signs have been very positive. The Governor has shown that he means well for the people of the State. In return, he is earning widespread admiration and commendation.

With a tireless, efficient, result-oriented wingman as HENSEK humbly and dutifully in the service of interpreting the Governor’s ARISE Agenda for Akwa Ibom, the Umo Eno administration is earmarked for greater, greater accomplishments.

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