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Governor Umo Eno: The Rural development and Agricultural Revolution Agenda

Governor Umo Eno: The Rural development and Agricultural Revolution Agenda

Rural development and agricultural revolution were part of the main campaign messages of His Excellency, Pastor Umo Eno as encapsulated in his A.R.I.S.E agenda. With the A standing for – Agricultural Revolution.

As it is widely experienced in the Nigerian political scenario where campaign promises and blue prints end just as mere document, but with Governor Umo Eno the case is different.

To deepen his rural development drive and agricultural revolution, the Governor recently embarked on an unscheduled and fact finding inspection of the Ibom Green House Technology facility along Airport Road, Uyo. During the visit the governor said,

“We can’t treat anything in isolation. Let us know all of what we have under your schedule in agric investment. You see, this issue of all of us holding our turf is over. We want to collaborate to achieve one common goal. Whether it is agric investment, whether it is food sufficiency or agricultural, everybody will sit together. We need to break barriers. We need to come together because all of us are working for the same Akwa Ibom State Government to deliver benefits to Akwa Ibom people”.

Governor Umo Eno came prepared and he is willing to partner with relevant stakeholders to give Akwa Ibom people the best. Governor Umo Eno and his government is poised to create enabling environment for Rural development and Agricultural revolution.

His Excellency, Pastor Umo Eno being a man who knows the efficacy of putting square pegs in square holes and essence of synergy had on the 26th January, 2023 during the 88th Inaugural Lecture of the University of Uyo, which had Prof. NseAbasi Akpan as the Inaugural Lecturer emphasized his commitment towards rural development and agricultural revolution and promised to appoint the 88th Inaugural Lecturer Prof. NseAbasi Akpan (Professor of Rural Development) as rural development consultant for the Akwa Ibom State government to help in the interpretation and implementation of his rural development and agricultural revolution agenda for Akwa Ibom State.

The days ahead holds good tidings for Akwa Ibom people as expectations are high owing to the high profile, achievements and capacity of Professor NseAbasi Akpan in the field of rural development.

Bringing on board Professor NseAbasi Akpan will not only boost the realization of the rural development and agricultural revolution agenda, but will further add credence and great value to other sectors of the state economy. This, we know was the basis on which the Governor made his pronouncement.

Also at the 88th Inaugural Lecture of the University of Uyo, the governor said,

“Everyone working with me must own a house in his or her village six months after I assume office as the Governor”. He meant what he said judging by his actions since he became the Governor on May 29th, 2023.

In line with his resolution to provide food security and create employment through agricultural activities, the Governor recently moved a step further by holding bilateral talks with Ambassador of the Republic of Turkiye to Nigeria, Mr. Hidayet Bayraktar, on key areas of alliance in agricultural exploration.

As machineries are being set up to kick start the new era of rural development and agricultural revolution, Akwa Ibom people are excited because hope is at the corner.

It can only get better with the urgency Gov. Umo Eno is deploying towards agricultural revolution in the State.

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