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Ediene Itak decry political marginalisation

Ediene Itak decry political marginalisation

Elders from Ediene Itak community in Ikono local government Area, has deplored the alleged relegation of their community in the scheme of things. The Elders under the auspices of “concern Ediene Itak Elders” has draw the attention of people’s Democratic party (PDP) at the state level, the stakeholders as well as the decision and the opinion leaders in Akwa ibom state politics, about the politically motivated robbing of Ediene itak zone of the state House of Assembly since 1999.

The summary below shows the evidence of the zone has been maliciously cheated as it concerns the House of Assembly seat.

1999-2003——- Ediene itak zone (4years)

2003—-2007——–Ikono South (4years)

2007-2011————Ikono South (4years)

2011-2015———–Ikono Middle (4yrs)

2015-2019————-Ikono Middle (4yrs)

2019-2023————–Ikono south (4yrs).

From the above statistics, it is established that ikono south has taken a turn of 3 tenures of 12years while ikono middle took a turn of 2 tenures of 8years while Ediene itak zone only take a single term of 4years.

It’s is instructive to note that ,the House of Assembly seat ,according to the agreement and understanding amongst the good people of ikono is said to be rotated among the 3zones.

After Ikono south, it went to Ikono middle and the next stop should have been Ediene itak zone but the zone was robbed and shortchanged and was given to Ikono south for 3rd term.

It is on this background, that elders from the area are demanding for effective rotation of all political office’s for equity, fairness and justice. We plead that,the party stakeholders and the decision makers should look into this injustice done to Ediene itak.

Ediene itak concern Elders
Ikono LGA

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