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Dr Ntatam, A man with a golden heart!

Dr Ntatam, A man with a golden heart!

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Blowing trumpets is not synonymous with Dr Ntatam, he believes in the biblical version that states that, “what your right hand does,should not be made known to the lefthand” else, the media space could have been awashed with the doings of Dr Emma sunday Ntatam.

Dr Ntatam, a native of osuk Ediene in ikono local goverment Area is one of the Akwa Ibom finest in Accounting field. He is an employer of labour with over hundred employees in his payroll in the areas of farming and construction.

Dr Ntatam is a generous and a detribalize Akwa ibom son who does not segregate,discriminate or dichotomize which is why he has been able to live,work and do business in every part of the country.

The altruistic nature of Dr Emma Ntatam is a class of its own, he doesnt like it to be blown nor shown in cameras yet he keeps doing the best he can to help his people in all facets of life.

His main philosophy in life is that, every child must have sound Education first and which is why,he does not joke with those with Educational difficulties.

His major focus is to see an independent and self reliance society where everybody becomes masters on their own right.

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