***As MPM Chapter Coordinator is accused of administering fetish oath by proxy

Things have presently fallen apart in Urue Offong/Oruko Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and Gov. Emmanuel’s Maintain Peace Movement (MPM) has evidently suffered a setback owing to the mindless re-introduction of fetish oath known as mbiam into the politics of the area by party leaders.

The practice which is clearly in sharp contrast with Gov. Udom Emmanuel Administration’s policy of zero tolerance to diabolism is at the moment already disuniting the party, frustrating MPM set goals, and destroying the acclaimed Oron nation basket of knowledge, Urue Offong/Oruko, as its introduction is brewing deep internal controversy and enmity within party ranks daily.

These party Elders who equally double as leaders, members and Chapter Coordinator of the much touted Maintain Peace Movement, MPM, the government alleged machinery for a smooth power transition, are presently neck dipped in the practice which they do secretly believing it will harm any defaulting delegate who fails to adhere willy-nilly to his or her promise, making curious observers to lamentably point fingers at the State helmsman who is the party’s leader.

Some party members who have seriously frowned at the resurgence of the satanic fetish practice stressed that it could mar the ideal principles, practice and ethics of democracy if encouraged and allow to continue unchallenged, as it did when it reigned supreme before now in the State.

This has equally affected the health and smooth running of the Maintain Peace Movement (MPM) and the Umo Eno Gubernatorial Project in the area as the Chapter Coordinator, Rt. Hon. Uno Etim Eno is fingered and accused of double standard and insincerity by some party officials and statutory delegates , showing that all is not well.

One of the party officials who refused his name in print disclosed that while the Transport Commissioner, Chief Uno Etim Uno, keeps reiterating at every juncture that he is only interested in the Umo Eno Gubernatorial Project, and no other elective position, he secretly uses his close ally, Hon. Nkereuwem Esekak to administer fetish oaths on statutory delegates of the party, so as to compel them towards supporting a State Assembly aspirant even against their wishes.

The desire to support this particular aspirant who is massively known as a political neophyte, our source said, is anchored on the Commissioner Uno Uno’s evil plot to impose Hon. Nkereuwem Esekak as the next Chairman of Urue Offong/Oruko Local Government Council.
This, the reliable source maintained has generated ripples, bad blood and threatened the unity of the PDP in the area.

Grapevine information has, that at
a recent meeting with the entire Wards Chairmen in the area, the Transport Commissioner, Rt. Hon. Uno Etim Uno had made a conscious efforts to deceive them by asking that they collectively recommend who they would prefer for the State Constituency job 2023, of all the aspirants allegedly in the race. This he said was to enable the Commissioner facilitate and hasten his aspirant’s , Engr. Job Ben, fraudulent endorsement by the entire party and area stakeholders.

Again, he deliberately asked, our source said, having secretly been rest assured of their loyalty and support induced by fetish oaths administration on most of the party officials where he pre-secured their nods.

Some Ward Chairmen who had prior knowledge and privileged information of the fetish oaths giving and taking, an insider said, outrightly dismissed and rejected the plan as deceitful and a ploy to have the Commissioner’s known ally and chief priest, Hon. Nkereuwem Esekak, be endorsed by at least six of the ten, having secretly sworn to a deadly oath at his instance and that of the Transport Commissioner.

Our source further intimated that the Transport Commissioner’s plan is to explore and employ his privileged position and access to relevant authorities to hijack the ad hoc delegates list in favour of his preferred State Assembly aspirant.

He reasoned that if Hon. Uno Uno was indeed serious about delivering victory to pastor Umo Eno in Urue Offong/ Oruko, he would have acted like a father without giving in to petty interest within the local government area.

Hear him, ” Pastor Umo Eno doesn’t know us but only the Commissioner for Transport. The Commissioner should be wise enough to steer clear of our interests in other electoral offices and positions, particularly the State House of Assembly poll. If he persists in his secret scheming, using his anointed Chairmanship aspirant, Hon. Nkereuwem Esekak as proxy, we’ll revolt against pastor Umo Eno in the primaries and general elections,” he warned.

The party stalwart further warned party leaders at the State level against handing the delegates’ list to the Commissioner or any one person at that who may convert same to an undue advantage in his selfish bid to install a State Assembly member and later, the Local Government Chairman, revealing that numerous other stakeholders were already preparing for war and massively mobilizing against the Commissioner.

Urue Offong/Oruko, with ten electoral wards and party Chairmen, six of the ten ward Chairmen are alleged to have sworn already to the fetish oaths which comes with hugh financial rewards and mouth watering promises with the remaining four adamantly refusing to be swayed or be involved in such evil and life threatening act.

The big axe, these party leaders and progenitors of the egregious idea have promised will be wielded strongly against dissidents who go against the rule as their positions in the party could be usurped.

An informed party stalwart who did not want his name mentioned, speaking with our reporter said the serving Commissioner for Transport and Solid Minerals, Rt. Hon. Uno Etim Uno and a former Local Government Chairman, Okon Tom Osung are those behind the satanic and evil act, with the hope of securing the loyalty of Chapter Officers, Ward Chairmen and other key officers of the party in the area towards their pre conceived plot.

A certain Mr. Nkereuwem Esekak, a card carrying member of the party who is alleged to be a close ally of the Transport Commissioner is reported to be at the centre of the evil, acting on proxy for the Transport Commissioner.

Mr.Esekak, insiders tipped, have secretly been given a go ahead in proxy by the Commissioner for Transport and Solid Minerals, Chief Uno Etim Uno and a former Council boss, Rt. Hon. Okon Tom Osung, respectively to do the dirty job, while they remain at the background.

Mr. Nkereuwem Esekak who is eying the Chairmanship seat of Urue Offong/Oruko Local Government Council and a House of Assembly hopeful, Engr. Job Ben in active connivance have allegedly administered mbiam on six of the ten ward Chairmen leaving out the remaining four who are indifferent and reported to have frowned at the evil act.
This, pundits claim, may be on the promptings of the Party and Maintain Peace Movement (MPM) Chapter Coordinator in the area, Rt. Hon. Uno Etim Uno.

They informed that their opinion is based on the Transport Commissioner’s indifference and brazen refusal to look into the matter as the political leader of Urue Offong/Oruko, maintaining that on no reason should such be condoned.

“Commissioner for Transport and Solid Minerals, Chief Uno Etim Uno’s lacklustre attitude in refusing to promptly arrest the dangerous trend by summoning the known egg head of the fetish act has further aggravated the situation thereby putting him prominently in the picture, ” an aggrieved stalwart intoned.

They argued that every party leader is expected to take a swift action on salient issues particularly on such, like the giving and taking of fetish oath, which has the possibility of destroying the party and its members.

The diabolic practice is said to have so far been deeply entrenched in the local government area’s party politics currently and if not promptly checked, will fester.

Our source hinted that the member representing Urue Offong/Oruko State Constituency in the State Assembly, Rt.Hon. Asukwo Archibong and Chairman of the Local Government Council, Hon. Precious Selong were, at the time of filing this report alleged not to be in support of the satanic act hence, furious over the sad trend as this has pit them against the authors of the practice, rocking their once robust relationship.

Conscious effort to reach the PDP Chapter Chairman, Elder Edeke Okpo Edeke, to debunk or confirm the story yielded no result, as his mobile contact was severally unreachable.

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