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Controversial Tboss blasts critics again

Controversial Tboss blasts critics again

Former Big Brother Naija housemate and second runner-up, TokunboIdowu, TBoss, has lashed out at critics who accuse her of keeping silence since the show ended.

In an Instagram post on Sunday, TBoss wondered why she’s expected to reveal all that is going on in her life on social media.

She wrote, “Hi Boss Nation, once again, I want to say a massive thank you for your love and support while I was in the house and now that I’m out. I really prefer to show not tell, but maybe it’s time I address certain things.

“Since I’ve been back from the house, the pressure to show some activity has been immense.

“Everyday I get comments that say, why don’t you post more, why don’t you appear at places more? The question i’d like to ask in return is to what end?

“There is a saying that goes empty barrels make the loudest noise. I have a plan and goals for myself professionally and personally. I’m not posting or screaming about the meetings I’m having or giving progress reports because a lot of these things are confidential.

“I know that most of you wish me the very best, and to those I promise you, that making you proud and repaying your faith in me is my number one priority. I say most because there are still a handful of people who follow me for ulterior motives.

“I’m in competition with NOBODY. The Boss Nation doesn’t compete, we lead. The goal is not to have only one claim to fame – I was a Big Brother Naija Housemate. That game ended the minute I got out. This is real life and the stakes are huge.

“In a short time, you’ll be able to see and hear about all I’ve been working on. Please bear with me, but remember this, the game is over and we’re playing in the big leagues now. Thank you Boss Nation! I love you.”


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