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APC, Labor Party Have Endorsed Ayade – Cross River PDP Chair, Inok Edim

APC, Labor Party Have Endorsed Ayade – Cross River PDP Chair, Inok Edim

The Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party in Cross River State, Ntufam Inok Edim has said that members of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Labor Party (LP) an non indigenes in Akamkpa and Biase local government areas of the state have endorsed Governor Ben Ayade second term bid.

According to Mr. Edim, this came from the lips of a member of the APC whom he saw shortly before entering a hall which served as venue for the endorsement town hall meeting of Mr. Ayade by the two local government areas Thursday in Akamkpa.

“I saw one of my boys outside. He is an APC (member) I said ah ah, he said hey the chair if it is governor, we are all supporting; all in APC in Akamkpa and Biase; we are all supporting governor.

“So, that shows that APC in Akamkpa they are all supporting. The Governor is governor of the state; APC, Labor, Non Indigenes, all sorts of people have come here today to endorse the governor for second term,” said Mr. Edim who vowed that the PDP will not lose the two local government area.

“Akamkpa and Biase is a stronghold of PDP in this state and we will never allow any party in any disguise to take one unit from us in the elections,” Edim said, adding that: “I want to also say that PDP in Akamkpa and Biase is a household name.”

The Chairman praised the performance of Mr. Ayade in office and dismissed insinuations that the party was endorsing him because he was from northern Cross River and according to convention, should do two terms in office.

He averred that: “Somebody said that the North Cross River us entitled to two terms. No, that is not the reason for endorsing the governor. You are endorsing the governor and his deputy because of performance.

“You are endorsing them because of what they have achieved. If you want to say it is their right, it means you have not acknowledged what they have achieved.

“The Governor has done much; you might not see it physically. Most of his projects are long term projects and as you know in economy, long term projects come with long term projects so what you have to do is continue to support the government because most of those projects are people oriented projects.

“What we have to do is to send our children to school so that when the projects start crystallizing kinetically, we will not be having people not to benefit, rather we will be surfing for other states to send to.”

He listed some of the achievements of Mr. Ayade in the constituency to include the procurement of a Pontoon to link Biase east and west; the construction of a Teachers Training College in Akpet central; solar energy electrification in Omon island; a proposed specialist hospital in Akamkpa as well as the appoint of over 100 indigenes from Akamkpa and Biase respectively.

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