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AKS Government To Mitigate Environmental Degradation …donates office space, and warehouse to agency

  • Udeme Essien

Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Pastor Umo Eno, has reaffirmed his administration’s commitment to checkmate ecological challenges and boost disaster management in the State in collaboration with the National Emergency Management Agency, NEMA.

The State Chief Executive gave the guarantee while declaring open the Disaster Preparedness And Risk Reduction Strategies On The Outcome Of The 2023 Season Climate Prediction And Annual Flood Outlook, on Tuesday at the Banquet Hall, Government House, Uyo.

Governor Eno deliberated that the collaboration between the Nigerian Emergency Management Agency, NEMA, Nigerian Metrological Agency, NIMET, and Nigerian Hydrological Services, NIHSA, in their service delivery, has opened a new vista towards averting mistakes that were made in the past in the area of disaster management in the state.

He said, “We would like to appreciate the collaboration, and that is what inspired me when we had the discussion, being that you were coming together.

“You are what I may call the trifecta of disaster management which is the key aspects of what the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) does, to weather forecast which is the critical mandate of the Nigerian Metrological Agency, NIMET, to flood control Mechanism which is what Nigerian Hydrological Services Agency, NIHSA, is primarily amongst other mandate dedicated to you, and you have all done a great Job.”

Governor Umo Eno also noted that it is a common approach in the state for Ministries and Agencies to work together for the benefit of the state, and extolled the Director General of NEMA, Alh. Mustapha Habib Ahmed, for his decision to flag off the event in Akwa Ibom State. He emphasized that Akwa Ibom being a coastal state, is prone to flooding and other erosion-related challenges, and commended previous administrations for taking necessary steps to ensure the mitigation of flood disasters in the state.

In response, The Director General, NEMA, Alh. Mustapha Habib Ahmed commended the state government for partnering with the agency in addressing disasters in the state and thanked Governor Umo Eno for donating office space and a warehouse for NEMA to operate in the state.

Alh. Ahmed further disclosed that the Nigerian Metrological Agency and Nigerian Hydrological Service Agency have released the 2023 seasonal climate prediction and annual flood outlook for the year, and described it as vital documents which contain metrological forecast in its early onset of rainfall and high probability of flood across the country during the year.

He intimated that it was on the premise that NEMA drew its mandate of disaster management and decided to take the initiative of partnering with NIHSA and NIMET to work on early warning alerts in the state, local government authorities, and communities at risk of flood disaster and associated hazards.

The NEMA DG, also expressed that the program aims at drawing attention to eminent flood and associated secondary hazards during the rainy season to avoid a reoccurrence of disasters as was experienced previously, and went on to explain that the document will enable them to make appropriate plans that can save livelihood, critical national assets and the natural ecosystem which is the bedrock of all development.

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