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Advertorial School Management Software


The School Management System is built with the latest advancement in technology to improve performance, efficiency and communication within the educational system
through a centralized platform. The Human Resource feature of the application encompasses the employee records, employee management and staff payroll.
The software also projects the financial records of the various departments in the school allowing for easier generation of reports and decision making of the various
departments by management.

The School Management System has all the vertical attributes of a Software as a
Service (SaaS) which creates all the solutions needed for the smooth-running
operations of a school.
The features of the software are numerous making it a must- have. Its all-encompassing features are;

1. Parents/Students Login
This login leads to a dashboard specially designed
for Parents and their wards (Students). Access to this is through login details provided by the School Authority. Through this login, the parent/student can access academic
records, student’s information, school calendar, class schedule/time table, assignments
and examinations records, hostel information, messaging board, curricular, co-
curricular and extra-curricular activities news, etc.

2. Staff Login
This login dashboard gives access to the academic and non-
academic staff access to the software. Through this dashboard, academic staff can
upload assignment and examination results, and other students’ academic records, etc.
They can access other information made available by the school management such as school calendar, class schedule/time table, board, duty roaster, etc. The non-academic
staff are restricted to features only concerning non-academic activities.

3. Administrator/Management Login
This login dashboard gives access to the
school administrator/management access to the application. From this dashboard, the
school management can create login accounts for students/parents, academic staff and
non-academic staff. The school will also manage the application, create assignments for staff, enter the school calendar, time table, create and generate payroll, manage the
finance records, post news and information, etc.

4. Class
This feature is for the creation of classes and sets that are available in
the school. If the school has 6 sets (e.g., JS 1 to SS 3) and a random number of classes per set, this is created here.
This feature is only applicable in the admin dashboard.

5. Courses/Subjects
This feature enables the school management to create the name and description of courses or subjects offered in the different classes. If a class
offers 12 subjects, all the subjects with name and description is created and assigned to the classes from this feature.

6. Student’s Information
This feature is used to upload and showcases the
individual information regarding the students.
The Parents can use this feature to see the information available to the school regarding their wards. It will also showcase
awards, commendations and reprimands given to the students.

7. Time Table
The school management can create and upload the school tmetable for the term through this feature. The staff and students can access the feature to view the time table and note the classes that are applicable to them.

8. Assignments
This feature allows teachers to upload assignments that the students can undertake during breaks and the students can in-turn access and upload completed assignments and school works through this feature.

9. Examinations
This feature allows the school to conduct online examinations
via a special exams’ portal enabled. The students can write the exams and view their
scores immediately through this portal.

10. Student’s Remark
This feature allows the teachers to write positive and
negative reports on academic and non-academic matters regarding the students
individually. The parents and the students can view reports written about the students individually through this feature.

11. Academic Reports
The school management will use this feature to upload academic records and end of term results of the students. The parents and students alike can access their individual results through this feature.

12. Hostel
The school management through its dashboard is able to allocate
hostels, dormitories and bed numbers to the students. The students and academic staff
dashboard can in turn view the allocated hostel, dormitory and bed number to the
respective student.

13. Library
This feature is used for record keeping of books in the library. The
librarian uses it to issue out books to students and other staff members, those issued
with books will in-turn have a record of the books issued to them with the date of return

14. School Calendar
This feature enables the school to showcase the breakdown of their entire planned agenda for a term. At a glance, students, parents and staff can view what the school has planned to carry out with the term from resumption to close of term.

15. Messaging Board
With this feature, the school management can disseminate
information on current and future issue to both the staff, parents and students.

16. Campus News
The school management and students use this feature to report on academic and extra-curricular news of past happening within the school

17. Human Resource Management
This feature is used by the school
management to enter into the software the records and bio-data of the staff. It is through this record that the type of staff and type of access to the staff are created.

18. Attendance
This feature is used by the staff to register their daily attendance and report for duty. The feature records the time each staff reported for duty daily and only the school management can access the records.

19. Duty Roaster
With this feature, the school management can assign duty rolls
to staff. Staff can also assess this feature to know when they are on duty, their assigned duty and their duty partners (if any).

20. Medicals
This feature keep records of student health status. Those in need of
medical attention with the diagnosis and treatment date can be access by the medical
department and school management. Parent can also through this feature view the
health statues of their wards.

21. Finance (Petty Cash & Revenue)
This feature is used to keeps record of the
petty cash expenditure within the school. It also records the revenue generated through school fees, PTA dues, and other sources of income as required by the school

22. Payroll
This feature enables the school to organize and calculate accurately and effortlessly the payroll of all staff. It has different calculation flexibilities such as with or without VAT and with or without pension.

23. Inventory
This feature records the inventory in the storeroom of the school. It also keeps track of its dispatch and who it is allotted to and other data applicable.

24. Certificate Generation
This feature is for automated certificate generation. It
has inbuilt school logo and design for easy generation of certificates for students’ graduation.

25. Transport
This feature is used to highlight the transport arrangements of the school as regards to the conveyance of students to and from the school as well as their designated routes.

26. Messaging (SMS/Mail Integration)
This feature is used for Short Messaging
Service (SMS) to the phone numbers registered by parents for direct messaging. The
mail integration is for direct messaging between parents and the teachers of their wards.

27. Alumni
This feature is used to access the old students who have passed
through the school and their records. When a student graduates from the school, the application automatically moves the student records to this archive.

The Benefits derived from using School Management System are numerous. Dominant
among them however are;

Students’ Lifetime Data
The software will handle data from a student’s admission
through the many phases of development including assignments and examinations,
teachers’ notes’, extra-curricular activities etc. till he/she graduates, making such
available for future use and reference.

Increased Efficiency and Productivity
The system operations are fully
automated ensuring that information is readily available and the time used in maintain records are greatly reduced.
There is also increase in accuracy and the
organization of data. This creates better efficiency and productivity.

More Parental Engagement.
The application will enable parents to have more access to the educational performance, behaviour, and other extra- curricular
activities of their wards in real time. It enables them to keep track of advances in
academics and leads to more transparency between them, the wards and the

Ease of Access
The software is online, hence it can be access from anywhere, at
anytime and with any device connected to the internet.

Reduction in Workload
The software enables the school system to be
technologically driven and reduces the workload of the teachers as data uploaded on the system is easily accessible and would not require reproduction.

Better Revenue Management
The finance and petty cash feature helps the school management to better monitor their finances, which helps to make better strategic decisions which will ultimately contribute to profit maximization through the analysis of the data provided.

Better Student/Teacher Collaboration
The software leads to a better student/
teacher interaction beyond the classroom.
The interaction which happens online enables the teacher to be available to answer students’ questions beyond the
classroom and facilitates a better academic atmosphere.

Report Management
Various reports prepared and information about a student by teachers and various management levels can be used to obtain fast and accurate judgement about the student by the school management.

Cost Reduction The software has mail integration for easy and cheap
communication between parents, students, teachers and the school management.
The cost of communication and interaction is thus greatly reduced as the
stakeholders communicate and access information is drastically minimized.

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